Meaning of Handicrafts - hand·i·craft also hand·craft

1. Skill and facility with the hands.
2. A craft or occupation requiring skilled use of the hands.
3. Work produced by skilled hands.

Rajasthans India



Thats why in Rajasthans, We proud to sell only hand made Items.
RAJASTHANS Handicrafts have following catogries -

Marble Handicrafts : - Marble from Rajasthan has been used for construction of famous monuments like Taj Mahal. Marble objects range from Black Statues, Buddha Figures, Elephants, Round Table Tops, Square Table Tops, Gold Painted Items, Fountains, Furniture, Pots, Fire Places, decorative plates to boxes and animal figures. White marble is painted, sometime with real gold. Even miniature paintings are done on marble. Rajasthan is the main centre for exquiste marble objects.
Brass Handicrafts : - Indian Brass Handicrafts is a rich collection of Indian Art and Craft. Brass Figures, statues of gods and godess of India contain a knowledge of Indian Handicrafts.
Wooden Handicrafts : - The furniture of Rajasthan is in harmony with its palaces and havelis, displaying similar intricate design and carving. The painted furniture of Jodhpur and Kishangarh consists of screens, doors, traditional caskets, doors, traditional caskets, low tables and chairs. Delicately carved wooden doors are made in Ramgarh, Shekhawati and Bikaner. The craft men of Barmer specialize in the art of wood carving, and tables. Tilonia furniture stands out with its fine embroidery work on leather while white metal plated Patra furniture has a charm of its own.


Marble Handicrafts
Wooden Handicrafts
Brass Handicrafts
RAJASTHANS A Collection of Wooden, Brass, Sandstone, Silver, Marble Handicrafts from India ( Rajasthan ). Indian Stones, Furnitures, Carpets, Articles, Items, contains Arts of India and Rajasthan.
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